Our story

WorkM8 is a small NZ-based company, a collaboration between brother and sister team Franco and Joanne.

Located on the idyllic Waiheke Island in Auckland's Waitemata Harbour, Joanne is a small business operator providing moving & relocation, delivery and labour hire services, as well as linen and cleaning services for the island's tourism industry. ServiceM8 has completely transformed the way she manages her businesses.

Franco is based in Sydney, Australia, spending much of his 30 year career working with global IT companies across multiple industry segments. He specialises with IT Service Management, Governance and Account Management for large businesses.

We were so impressed with the impact ServiceM8 had on Joanne's businesses, we felt compelled to create WorkM8 and help others in the same way. Leveraging our combined experience, we work with small businesses to help them undertake a similar journey of their own.

Why partner?

It’s a smart move to have an experienced partner on hand. Someone you can trust and you can work with. Someone who will assess your needs, make sound recommendations and then guide you along the way.

You spend less time worrying about operationalising your ServiceM8 platform and more time working on your actual business.

As a Certified Partner, we’ve learned a thing (or two) that will help get you working effectively. We make the effort to understand how you work, to better assess the optimal deployment for your unique business. We take out the guesswork, help smooth your transition towards better efficiency, converting more customer enquiries into real paying jobs. Spend less time working in your business, and more time working on your business.

ServiceM8 is for the small business, and WorkM8 is for the smart business.
Your business.

Our Brand and Mission


Meet Frankie, who represents our WorkM8 brand – Technology at Work.

We believe technology needs to work for you and deliver real benefits into your business. With the advance of cloud-based technologies and clever business models, business technology once reserved for large business is now more affordable and more accessible than ever. But too many times we have seen businesses get caught up with technology for technology’s sake with poor results. We say, ‘no more’. Technology is an enabler, a tool to get a job done well.

We understand small business, and our mission is to help yours thrive through smart choices with your technology stack.

It’s Technology at Work.